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The Gentry Family


Season 1

We sold our dream house and hung up our tools in 2020 to take on full-time RV life. To kick off our journey, we made an 8 month trek across America in search of beautiful sights, amazing golf, less stress, and quality time. On our journey we met some of the nicest people, saw some amazing places and found the peace we'd been searching for.


Season 2

We momentarily settled down in a sticks-and-bricks home back in Montana for the summer, fall and first part of winter in 2021. With a new year came a new adventure for our family - 2022 led us back out on the road, and we loved the journey even more than before!

Season 3

After a great Montana summer, we're headed out for another year of adventures! We're planning to make our way all the way to Maine and conquer the East Coast this fall. We'll also be stopping by a few of our Florida favorites during the winter, and then meander our way through the heartland on our way back to Montana in the spring!


Less Stress

More Focus

Quality Time

More Golf



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