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Amarillo, Texas

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Amarillo was right next door to my hometown, Hereford, Texas, and also the town where Raymond and I first met. We stopped for a few days to revisit some familiar places and faces and show the kids around.

Cadillac Ranch

Just west of Amarillo along Route 66 stands the fabled Cadillac Ranch. Ten classic Cadillacs are half-buried in the middle of a field with their tail fins sticking in the air. Visitors are encouraged to add their own touch and most use spray paint to express their flair. We opted for leaving our names via sharpies.

(Our RV Park - Oasis RV Resort - just down the road, had their own RV take on the Cadillac Ranch too.)

*See more about our trip to the Cadillac Ranch on our video - Texas - Part TWO*

On our way home (to the RV park) one afternoon, we just happened to spot a backyard (yes, a backyard, not a zoo) full of zoo creatures - giraffe, kangaroos, camels, and more. We though this was just so funny and strange!

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