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Apostle Highlands Golf Course - Bayfield, Wisconsin

We decided to stay an extra night in Bayfield so we could play Apostle Highlands Golf Course. We just happened upon it when we were driving around looking at apple orchards.

Located just a ways up a winding road, the course has a gorgeous elevated view of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

This course definitely rewards shot making over distance. Most of the fairways are lined with tall hardwood forests, which are absolutely stunning; however, if you hit your ball offline out of the fairway, good luck finding it. Bring an extra sleeve or two! It’s very difficult to find a ball in a leaf-covered golf course.

The greens had recently been plugged, so they were not in the best shape. The fairways and tee boxes were really nice. The course was definitely challenging and had many elevation changes throughout. Despite the difficulties, we really enjoyed playing here.

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