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Belfast, MAINE

We were thrilled to finally make it to MAINE! It's been one of our travel goals for a very long time, so we were so happy to see the Atlantic Ocean in a whole new way.

Check out our video from Belfast HERE.


Just outside of Belfast, Maine, we stayed at Moorings Oceanfront Campground. With only 43 spots, we loved the low-key setting. Nearly every sight has a view of the water, some much better than others, but all have access to a set of stairs leading down to the rocky beach. We loved exploring around down here and watching the tides push and pull at the water.

We were blessed with exceptionally great weather, and the kids even took a dip at high tide one afternoon. Everyone here was extremely friendly, and we loved taking walks and chatting with our neighbors. One evening, we sat outside and watched seals off in the distance, fishing among the rocks during low tide.

This was a lovely campground, and we definitely give it two thumbs up!


On the recommendation of a camping neighbor, we stopped at the local lobster market to get our hands on some fresh Maine lobster. It was definitely an experience - seeing SO many lobsters in the tanks, and watching them pick one out and toss it right in the boiling water.


We always enjoy walking around new towns and checking out the locals. Belfast was a touch touristy, but we still enjoyed checking it out. Our favorite part was walking by the shipyard and seeing the HUGE sailboats out of the water!

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