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Blue Ridge Mountain Waterfalls

Crabtree Falls

The drive to Crabtree Falls was beautiful! The winding roads lead you through the Virginia backcountry, full of old cabins, corn fields, apple orchards, and grand estates.

The trailhead is only 3.5 miles from the Appalachian Trail, giving this adventure a little extra zing of excitement. It's not very long hike, but quite vertical. The path winds up the side of the mountain under the treetops, following the cascading waterfall almost the entire time. It's stunning! The last of the fall leaves were dancing through the air, and the temperature was autumn perfection. We found a huge cave, where Stuart pretended to be a living hieroglyph. The kids miss the "wilderness" a bit when we're away from Montana, so being out in the trees and rocks really feeds their soul.

See our video from the Blue Ridge Mountains HERE.

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