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Carp Fishing in Tennessee

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

We loved our campground in Pigeon Forge - River Plantation RV Resort. Venturing out into Pigeon Forge meant dealing with the massive crowds, so when we weren't exploring the Smokies we mostly enjoyed the phenomenal weather at our home base. It was a great place to ride bikes, meet fun people, and fish. Getting treats from the cute little ice cream truck was also pretty fun.

The West Prong Little Pigeon River runs along one side of the campground, and enormous carp (and other fish) are visible lurking in the waters. The boys fished for days without a bite. They tried everything in their tackle boxes and even some things from the fridge (cherry tomatoes, sausage...) We finally got a tip from a friend to try dog food. (Thanks, John!!!) Turns out dog food and extreme patience were the winning tickets here. The boys fished sun-up to sun-down one day and were able to hook 4 huge carp. Two were so big that they broke the line being hauled onto shore. The other two gave Sawyer a fun fight reeling them in.

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