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Charleston - South Carolina

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What a charming city! We loved walking around downtown Charleston. From the iconic pineapple fountain to the 1700's row homes and cobblestone streets, the city is a delight. The historical architecture here is so interesting and varies in materials and design.

There are rumored to be some amazing eateries in Charleston, but we're choosing not to eat-out while traveling during the pandemic. We'll have to give it a try next time, as we're sure to be back at some point! There are magnolia gardens and plantations, gorgeous beaches close by and endless history to explore here.

We even spotted a dolphin in the bay!


- Home to America's first museum, college, theatre, and golf club.

- Fourth largest city in Colonial America, and the wealthiest

- The town was often attacked by pirates.

- The Charleston Pineapple Fountain: The pineapple is a sign of hospitality (back in the day, captains would spear a pineapple to their fence posts to signify they were home and wanted to talk about their adventures at sea.)

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