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Charlevoix - Michigan

On our way down the west coast of Michigan, we noticed that the landscape turned into more open farms surrounded by gorgeous tree lines of maple, oak and pines. We're seeing more apple orchards and wineries, similar to the tip-top of Wisconsin. There are more beautiful old barns around every corner than we can shake a stick at!

Stopping mid-day for a picnic lunch in Charlevoix, we enjoyed a lovely walk around this super cute little town. The downtown area has several shops, coffee stops and cafes that looked delightful.

There is a little inlet from Lake Michigan that runs underneath a draw bridge into a small harbor leading to Lake Charlevoix. We waited by the water to watch the bridge open to let a boat into the harbor. The kids were fascinated (and we all enjoyed watching.)

This was probably our favorite (and the cutest) Michigan town we've come across so far. We also really loved nearby Petosky and Traverse City. This week, we were on a mission to look for any salmon that still might be making their fall runs - the boys have been dying to go fishing. We didn't get to spend nearly as much time as we wanted in any of these towns and would love to return to explore more in the future. Click HERE to learn more about Charlevoix.

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