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Chimney Tops Hike - Smoky Mountain National Park

There are so many amazing hikes in the Smoky Mountains, but Chimney Tops was our favorite. This hike is about 4 miles round trip with over 1,400 feet in elevation gain. The trail follows a creek, crosses three foot bridges, and has several little waterfalls on the way up.

There are some switchbacks, but mainly several long sets of stone or wood steps that go straight up the trail to gain elevation quickly. It's not an easy hike, but really enjoyable!

The rhododendrons are lush and thick along the trail, and they supposedly bloom beautifully in the spring. We were SO proud of the kids for tackling this hike with us. The view from the top was worth it! We stopped to take in the panoramic views and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

In years past, hikers could climb all the way up the chimney tops ridge. These days a gate stops the trail just at the base of the ridge due to erosion concerns.

We all thought this hike was amazing - two thumbs up and highly recommended!

The drive to the hike is pretty amazing too.

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