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Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Raymond has been a Cowboys' fan for much of his life, and Sawyer has followed his fandom in the last several years as well. We all really love football, so we jumped at the chance to go on a VIP tour of the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

It is quite a site to behold - HUGE - and can accommodate a crowd of up to 100,000. The giant screen that hangs from the center of the stadium demands attention. Our tour guide was pretty witty and full of interesting facts about the stadium.

The tour took us about an hour and half, and meandered through a VIP box, cheerleader & team locker rooms, the press room, the Miller Club, behind the scenes, ON THE FIELD and more! Being on the field was amazing. The boys ran the length of the field, rolled in the end zone, and Harper made her way across the field doing cartwheels.

On the Field

Cheerleader Locker Room

Cowboys Team Locker Room


Press Room

The Miller Club (where the team runs out to the field)

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