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Daniel Boone National Forest

Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest is rugged and beautiful. Located in the lower southeast portion of the state, it spans more that 2 million acres and 21 counties.

It reminds us of the Montana breaks country - steep draws, ravines and ridges - but covered in hardwood forests. There are absolutely huge boulders and rock walls everywhere. After all the sand we've been through in Michigan, we've officially made the transition to a part of the country with red dirt and rocks.

We made sure to stop and check out Cumberland Falls - "The Niagra of the South"

The Cumberland River and the falls are so impressive. The hike to the bottom of the falls follows a series of massive rock walls with dripping water and caves.

The unfortunate part of this hike for us was spotting a fair amount of trash and graffiti along the walkway, railings, and water's edge. We've heard that this year there has been an increase across the country in visitors to national and state parks; however, problems such as graffiti and trash have increased in the parks as well.

We got really lucky skirting the edge of the torrential rains moving across the country via Hurricane Zeta. We had very humid but warm weather while hiking to the falls - 76 degrees mid-day!

Wandering through Kentucky backroads we came across an old cabin store. Naturally, we stopped to check out the old timbers and wandered in to check out the locally made knick-knacks. Raymond got to chatting with the cutest little old lady running the shop, and found out that Daniel Boone's sister was her 4x great grandmother.


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