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Deep South Bass Fishing

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Charleston is very quintessential deep south to us so far. Our campground is in the middle of an old rice plantation in Mount Pleasant. There are amazing trails through the swamp with gorgeous Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.

A pretty great fishing lake is just steps away, and we had a blast rowing around the murky waters. It was a little unnerving sending my children paddling off on a boat in alligator infested waters, but the fishing was so good we soon forgot about the gators.

We were the only ones out on the lake, and it was quite peaceful. Ray had a great time finally catching some hefty bass of his own.

Harper even pulled in a nice one! We were super proud of her for reeling it in. Stuart helped her get it off the hook, and Ray helped her get the trophy shot before she released it.

Sawyer took on the roll of captain on their boat while Stuart trolled the waters, and Stuart landed the whopper large mouth bass of the day as well as several others. The adrenaline was pumping!


The boys decided to brave cooler weather to hit the lake again, and they landed the biggest ones yet!

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