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Crescent Beach - Anastasia Island - St. Augustine, Florida

I love the beaches on the Atlantic coast, and this one did not disappoint. Huge expanses of gorgeous white sands speckled with shells left behind by retreating tides welcomes you to the Atlantic in style. Access to the beach was just a block away from our campground, and we could hear the lull of crashing waves on some evenings.

You can drive out on the beaches here, and auto beach access is free in January and February. It's a very deep beach, which is fantastic, and cars are only permitted to go one way on a path at the very furthest point from the water next to the dunes.

We had a lot of fun at this beach, and Harper and I gathered so many little shells. There were several kite surfers out jumping waves, and a few anglers surf fishing. Quite a few people were out, but it never felt crowded at all.

We were blessed with perfect beach weather, and all agreed that this was our favorite beach we've visited in all of our travels so far!

Check out our video of St. Augustine HERE!

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