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Favorite Camper Gear

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Along our travels, many people have asked us what our favorite camping gear is - what are the little things that we can't live without in the RV. There are endless recommendations and opinions out there for what you'll need to camp or full-time in your rig. We've taken many suggestions with a grain of salt and tried out what we think we need - some have been winners, some have been losers. Here's what has worked best for us:

*We are only sharing this in case it's helpful to anyone out there (no affiliates, kickbacks or special promos) - just sharing our favorites. Enjoy! (Click on pictures for links.)*


We splurged on this Dyson vacuum to keep in the camper, and I'm SO thankful to have it. With three kids, two adults, and two dogs, I vacuum at least once a day. This thing does an amazing job, plus, it breaks down so easily to store away. It charges so there's no cord to worry about while you're cleaning. We found a great deal on it at Costco.


This dish drainer fits right over the sink so it doesn't take up too much space on the counter. Bonus, it's collapsible if you need to store it away.


Without a doubt, we produce a lot of dirty laundry. It's taken a bit of trial and error to get a system that helps us to manage it in the least stressful way possible. We found a great laundry hamper that is not terrible looking, is sturdy enough to stand on its own, and can be folded up and put away easily if needed.

Hauling all of our laundry to and from RV park washrooms was quite an undertaking as well. We found that using these bags makes it so easy. One bag full usually is about a load, and we just throw the bag right in with the clothes in the washer and dryer so its there to load up when it's finished. The bags all store easy in a little bin with the detergent at the bottom of our pantry in the rig.


We love our Beddy's sets. Everyone has one! They make it so simple to make up the beds and keep them from becoming a complete mess. Bonus, they're so easy to take off and wash on laundry day. We all agree that they're super comfy and do a great job regulating temps - not too hot or too cool.


We picked up one of these double seater camp chairs, and we love it! Ours is from Murdoch's, but we've seen many similar styles from other stores too.


This little grill has been a gem on our trip. It's size is perfect for easy travel but also big enough to grill for a family. We've used it more than anything for dinner prep!

We have this little table to put the grill on (as we've learned putting a grill on the campground's table is a no-no.) It sets up and breaks down so easily and packs up in a nice little package so its super portable too.


We completely love these hands-free leashes for our pups. Not only are they amazing for walking the dogs (particularly if we want to take a morning stroll and sip a coffee along the way,) but they can easily be unbuckled from the waist and buckled around the camper steps or a picnic table to keep the dogs in one place while we grab something/pack up/etc.. We scored these at

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