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Fayette Historic State Park and Harbor - Michigan

On the southern side of Michigan's upper peninsula, we found a cute little campground on Lake Michigan. The closest town to us was Garden, which is a teeny, no-stop-light kind of town - quiet, peaceful. Windmill farms sprouted up across the horizon near the lake. Stuart has been crafting a small wooden boat, so he took it out for a test voyage on the lake.

Just a few miles away, we explored the historic townsite and harbor of Fayette, Michigan.

Once a bustling iron-smelting industrial community established in the 1800's, Fayette had easy access to limestone to purify the molten iron and hardwood forests to make the charcoal needed to fire the huge furnaces. We really love history and old buildings, so like always, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the old structures and stonework. The limestone cliffs in the bay are pretty impressive on their own also.

In this part of Michigan, there also seems to be a mild abundance of what we learned are asian lady beetles. They look very similar to ladybugs but have white on their heads and can vary from dark spots to no spots at all on their orange bodies. We also learned that, unlike the average ladybug, asian lady beetles will bite.

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