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Feeding Sharks in the KEYS

We took a 2-hour boat tour out of Key West on the Wild Cat catamaran to feed the sharks with Key West Extreme Adventures! Captain Kent and First Mate Clay (a father and son duo) were wonderful guides and shared SO much great info about the area and sharks. We learned how to identify a few species of sharks (which came in helpful when we went shark fishing!) There is not a bad spot on this boat, and once you get to open water you can walk around as much as you'd like.

The boat stopped a few miles offshore and a shiver of sharks appeared within a few minutes. (They said the sharks can now recognize their boat's engine and associate it with being fed.) They loaded up fresh bonita (a small tuna that is not good for eating, but very oily,) on a rope at the end of the pole, then lowered it into the water. It was amazing to see just how powerful the sharks were. A few grabbed a hold of the fish and thrashed about battling for the whole carcass. When just a fish tail remained on the rope, the captain would let the kids throw it out to the sharks.

We really enjoyed this adventure and would definitely recommend it! You can check out their website HERE.

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