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Finger Lakes & Cascading Waterfalls


We'd never heard of the Finger Lakes in New York before we started traveling in our RV. Along our journeys, we had several people tell us that we must make it a point to visit this area, so we put it on our list!

See our video from the Finger Lakes HERE.


At the south end of Seneca Lake is the little community of Watkins Glen. This charming little waterfront town is surely bustling during the summer months, but we enjoyed escaping the crowds during the slow season. Nestled in the middle of town is the entrance to Watkins Glen State Park. (It's completely free to visit, you just need to pay $10 for all day parking.) The two mile trail here leads you through a series of gorges full of cascading waterfalls and the sublime mystique of this secret hidden world. There are many stairs throughout this trail, and occasionally the path winds behind waterfalls. I was totally blown away by the beauty of this place - absolutely surreal, and I think this is one of the coolest things we've seen in all of our travels.


We scored a spot at Sampson State Park Campground on the eastern edge of Seneca Lake (one of the Finger Lakes.) It's a fantastic campground - a hidden gem. Full of mainly locals looking for a quiet camping outing, the vibe here was so relaxing. There are five loops, and we lucked out landing in Loop 5 with a water view. (We parked backwards here to face our front door and windows towards the lake.) There are well maintained roads and trails throughout, some which lead to a little beach area. There's also an adjacent marina and pier, two new playgrounds, and even a free military museum.

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