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Fishing the Indian River in Florida

While staying at Indian Mound Fish Camp, our friends, Doug and Janet, took us out on their boat for a day of fishing. We always love hanging out with these two, so a day on the water with them was a blast.

The Indian River is not a river at all, but is in fact the intercostal waterway lagoon where the saltwater (from the ocean) and the freshwater (from the mainland) meet to form brackish water. It stretches along the Atlantic coast of Florida for over 121 miles, and we were on it just south of New Smyrna Beach. I'm always amazed how many different types of fish the boys pull out of these waters. Plus, there are dolphins everywhere. I love it!

A lot of anglers in this area target red fish, tarpon, black drum, sheepshead and more. Here is a snippet of some of the fish the kids reeled in out of the Indian River:

Spotted Sea Trout



Jack Crevalle

Mangrove Snapper




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