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Golden Horseshoe Golf Course - Williamsburg

The Golden Horseshoe Gold Course is just a few blocks away from Colonial Williamsburg, and it is part of the Colonial Williamsburg Resorts. We'd heard about it from a friend who grew up in Williamsburg and knew it was a must play. It's rated one of American's 100 greatest public courses, and the Gold Course #16 and #17 are ranked in the top 500 golf holes in the world. You can check out the website HERE.

The course was really nice and certainly challenging. Heavy rains in the last few weeks made for wet playing conditions - zero roll! Course management (aka, rolling it down the fairways) won't work great on this course, because you have to be able to carry it over several water hazards. All of the holes had mature, tall trees lining the fairways too.

There was an island green on hole 16, which was a first for the Gentry boys. Sawyer and Stuart both carried their drives to the island, but unfortunately Ray did not.

The clubhouse was beautiful, and the course adjoins the Williamsburg Inn, a five-star hotel that looks mighty inviting. This time of year the sun sets promptly at 5 o'clock, so a 12:50 tee time (and very busy course) meant finishing up the round right as the sun went down. The clubhouse and inn were beautiful all lit up in the evening.

Stuart's Review of the Course:

"I loved it. The water was really fun to hit over and watching my ball skip across the water. Hitting over to the island green was awesome."

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