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Historic Jamestown

The first successful English colony in North America, Jamestown, is an eerie and fascinating reminder of what it took to build a life in a new land. In 1607, the Virginia Company settlers landed on Jamestown Island to establish an English colony. They faced extreme hardships and misfortunes here and following their story is captivating.

See our video from the Historic Triangle HERE.

Jamestown Settlement

This reconstruction of the original fort is phenomenal, plus there are reconstructions of the ships that the Virginia Company would have used to sail across the seas, as well as a Powhatan indian village. There are also historians here helping to bring history to life and answer questions.

Also on the property is an extensive museum, full of artifacts and tons of detailed information. We were very impressed and loved touring this museum full of interactive displays.

Historic Jamestown

Just right down the road and next door is Historic Jamestown - the actual site of the colony. There are still active archeological digs going on at this site, with many relics and remains to explore. The tour guides here are a wealth of information. To me, there is something quite extraordinary about standing in what historians to be the very spot Pocahontas married John Rolfe, and where Captain John Smith declared to the colonists, "He that will not work, shall not eat."

In terms of the birth of our nation, this was also the site of the first representative government (Members of Virginia's first legislative assembly gathered at Jamestown's church in 1619.)

As part of the NPS system, the kids were able to participate again in the Junior Ranger program by completing their Jamestown booklet and receiving their badge.

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