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Hogle Zoo - Salt Lake City

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Hogle Zoo holds a special place in our hearts just because of the sweet memories of bringing the kids when they were younger. Our first trip to Salt Lake City many years ago was our first big trip as a family of five.

When the kids asked to stop by the zoo for Mother's Day on our trek back to Montana, it was easy to say yes.

It was a brisk 49 degrees when we started our zoo day, a stark contrast to the 90 degree weather we'd had back in Mesquite. The cool air felt refreshing, and we truly enjoyed re-exploring all of the wonders and creatures on display.

The Hogle Zoo really is fantastic and located in a beautiful, greenly lush part of Salt Lake City. The polar bear is always a big hit, and the enormously huge beast splashing around in his pool is always impressive to see. There is also a fantastic exhibit for the otters, seals, and sea lions that the kids love. A little train will drive you through the safari exhibit full of giraffes, zebras, and ostriches, while the lion pride naps in the tall grass next door. We've had fantastic experiences time and time again.

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