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Indian Mound Fish Camp & RV

This was our FOURTH time to stay at Indian Mound Fish Camp in Oak Hill, Florida. As one of our favorite Florida stops, we love visiting friends that we've made here, and it fees like our home away from home.

See our video from our MARCH 2023 stay at Indian Mound Fish Camp HERE.

Sawyer also has some amazing drone footage of the Indian River and dolphins playing from our stay here in DECEMBER 2022, which you can see HERE.

During our first trip in 2020/2021, this was our first stop where we started our adventures with Florida fishing. That started a love for saltwater fishing that continues to run deep in our family today. We've learned so much about all the different species of aquatic animals, as well as the different environments, and fishing styles up and down the Florida coast.

The Indian River is teaming with life. From your campsite, you can watch dolphins feeding, manatees frolicking, alligators lurking by, schools of fish, and so much more. You never know what you're going to pull out of these intracoastal waters. If shrimping is your thing, this is a great hotspot for that as well. The boys loved going out on the river in the evenings to learn how to shrimp with friends.

We took our inflatable kayaks out into the mangrove channels, and the boys got into some pretty good honey holes. They caught several nice red drum, sea trout, and a few sheepshead and snapper. Harper and I enjoyed looking for seashells and little crabs along the shore as well.

Surrounding the waters, a varied array of birds are constantly on the move. Osprey break limbs out of the trees to carry off to their nests under construction. Herons patrol the water, treading lightly with their delicate legs and elongated necks. We even spotted several roseate spoonbills one afternoon, which have a pink hue to their feathers, a little like a flamingo. You may even spot a bald eagle or two!

Another great perk to the location here is the proximity to NASA's Kennedy Space Center and the rocket launch pad at Cape Canaveral. It's a short 39 mile drive from the campground to the visitor's center. The campground is a phenomenal viewing spot for rocket launches, especially night launches that light up the night sky. We were lucky enough to be here for NASA's Crew-6 rocket launch, which launched just after midnight to carry a four person crew to the International Space Station. It was truly a magnificent experience!

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