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James Monroe's Highland Home

Charlottesville, Virigina, is home to many Presidential estates - Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is the best known, but James Monroe and James Madison also lived close by.

We were able to tour the James Monroe estate, Highland, on a gorgeous spring day. In stark contrast to the grand Monticello just a few miles down the road, it was more of an upscale farm estate - quite refreshing to see and enjoy.

The actual home that the Monroe family lived in burned down after they sold the property, but the guest house and outbuildings remain, as well as many artifacts that belonged to the Monroe family. There is also a lovely little gift shop full of locally made goods.

300 + Year Old White Oak Tree

This tree would have been over 100 years old when James Monroe lived on this property. I can only imagine what these branches have seen over the years. It was mighty and impressive. We joined hands and wrapped our arms around it - it was exactly one Gentry family's length of arms around at the base.

Check out our video HERE to see us wrap our arms around this massive oak!

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