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Kennedy Space Center

Wow - Rovers and Rockets and Starships, oh my! Our tour of the NASA Kennedy Space Center was an enthralling day for all of us. As a family, we are not the most apt space enthusiasts, so everything was so new to us. There are actual rockets on display, an astronaut hall of fame, a magnificent Atlantis exhibit, interactive displays, flight launch simulator, and so much more. Several things were also shut down for COVID, but we still felt like we had an all-encompassing experience. There is so much information to take in here from the history of the space program to the future goals of NASA. We give it two thumbs up!

On our way out we took a wrong turn, drove into a restricted area, and Raymond had his driver's license held hostage by security while we were escorted out. Oops! On a good note, we spotted 9 gators basking in the sun as we made our drive of shame back down the appropriate road out of Cape Canaveral.

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