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Kentucky Horse Park

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We loved everything about our stay at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground. Just outside of Lexington and right next door to the Kentucky Horse Park, we enjoyed riding bikes around the beautiful, green grounds near the park. The boys fished a little pond, without a catch BUT with turtle and heron sightings and a fun view of the arena.

Our trip into the horse park itself was a lot of fun too. We took the kids on their first trail ride! There are several different types of horses to see. We even got some up-close time with massive percheron beauties. Several barns were closed (due to COVID precautions), but even so, it was still a great experience.

The campground is run by the state, which we are learning in Kentucky is the way to go. It's by far our favorite campground we've been to yet. The campsites are spaced out really well, there are large trees throughout and big, open green spaces for the kids and dogs to play, plus great bike trails. The squirrels in Kentucky have got it made - acorns everywhere! The Lexington area really is beautiful. Home to so many horse estates with miles and miles of fencing, wood and stone, the history of it all sets such a pretty scene. We've enjoyed exploring around the city, and the weather has been so enjoyable.

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