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Kentucky State Capitol

Kentucky's capitol city, Frankfort, was just a 20 minute drive west from our campsite near Lexington. The capitol building itself was closed to visitors, but we enjoyed wandering around the grounds and exploring outside. We were amazed at the lush landscaping, still so green in nearly November. Exquisite flower gardens, magnolia trees, and historical markers surround the grand building. The trees are so stately and massive that there are enormous hanging planters suspended from their branches.

Just across the street is a floral clock - a giant planter filled with shrubbery and flowers with a working clock face, emerging from the center of a fountain. The planter alone is 34 feet in diameter, and the minute hand of the clock is 20.5 feet long.

The edge of the capitol complex overlooks the Kentucky River, which is magnificently beautiful. The Kentucky Executive Mansion (second Governor's residence), is also near the capitol building. Built from limestone, it was patterned after Marie Antionette's French villa.

We didn't love Frankfort as much as Lexington, but it was still a beautiful city with lots of history.

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