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Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

I was so excited to get a chance to visit the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. Right off of Duval Street and just a block away from the iconic Southern Most Point Buoy, it is conveniently located close to many other attractions in Key West. Bonus, there is a parking lot right next door!

I knew the butterflies would be beautiful, but little did we know that when we stepped foot into the conservatory we were entering into an enchanting bubble. Butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors fluttered from tree to tree. Some rested quietly in the lush sanctuary of tropical greens. A few danced together in a synchronized frenzies, and some even chose to land on us to say hello.

In additional to the butterflies and tropical plants, there are also two flamingos, several exotic birds and even a turtle to see. We observed the butterfly eggs and the hanging cocoons, and learned about the very careful process of raising butterflies at the conservatory. It was not only incredibly interesting but also a magical experience. We'd definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Key West!

You can see our video from our visit to the conservatory HERE.

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