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Missouri River Camping - South Dakota

We are so happy to be on the road again. Although its just for a nine-day trip to a highly anticipated destination in Wisconsin, we are loving the freedom that traveling with our camper allows. On our first day, we were burning rubber to make our way across Montana, the tip of Wyoming, and a good chunk of South Dakota - driving all day and covering over 637 miles. We passed the time by coloring, reading, napping, listening to Hank the Cowdog books on Audible and National Geographic Kids podcasts.

Just after dark, we stopped at the American Creek Campground along the banks of the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota. After a good rest, we enjoyed a morning walk along the river with views of a bridge, fishing pier, a lovely green park, and even a little beach. Beautiful maple trees and little grassy areas spread throughout the campground, and we'd definitely stay here again. Chamberlain itself looked like a really cute little town too.

Our campsite neighbor answered some of our questions about the area, telling us that South Dakota has 7 dams along the Missouri, creating some of the deepest fishing waters on the river. Walleye fishing is supposedly amazing, and there are also several bass tournaments hosted on this part of the Missouri each year as well.

The kids and I enjoyed standing on the edge of the Missouri and imagining Lewis and Clark's expedition paddling by.

Next stop, Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin!

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