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Misty Mountain Camp Resort - VIRGINIA

Last year we visited Virginia and just fell in love with the stunning beauty of this state. We were happy to get to return this year to Misty Mountain Camp Resort - about 15 miles west of Charlottesville and just next door to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

See our video from Misty Mountain Camp Resort HERE.

Set comfortably just outside of Charlottesville, it is an easy drive into the city or to many of the famous local attractions like the Presidential homes of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison.

If you're a wine enthusiast, this is your place. Wineries and grand estates line the winding countryside roads, and the occasional brewery and orchard are sprinkled in as well.

The boys spent a lot of time fishing here. This was simple worm-on-a-hook fishing, and they reeled in several little bass and crappie. Good old fashion fun!

They also have an enormous, covered jumping pillow and two playgrounds for kids to enjoy. There is a big open green area with a stage where I believe they host a bluegrass festival in the summer!

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