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Myrtle BEACH!

December in South Carolina can be cooler in the 50's or sunny and warm in the 70's. On the warm days, we try to visit the beach to enjoy the sunshine!

The beaches here are huge, clean, and gorgeous! The waves are mostly calm and peaceful, and beautiful seashells adorn the sand. There are usually a fair amount of people out enjoying the beaches, but it never feels crowded. Golf carts are all up and down the beach, and we love spotting all of the carts decorated for Christmas. Hotels and condos line the shore as far as the eye can see.

North Myrtle Beach

Our favorite beach spot here is in North Myrtle. North Myrtle Beach is it's own little town, not just the north side of Myrtle Beach; although it's all basically connected within 10 or 15 miles.

One day at the beach, it was totally calm but a fog rolled in off the water and across the shore.

Myrtle Beach

In Myrtle, the beach is just as beautiful, but it's just a little more bustling. There is a ferris wheel on the beach as well as many other tourist attractions. This time of year it's pretty quiet; however, I've heard it can be really buzzing during the busiest seasons.

Barefoot Landing

The Barefoot Resort has an outdoor shopping center right along the intercostal waterway. There are lots of cute shops and walkways over the water to see the huge fish, birds and turtles (alligators too, but we still have not spotted one.)

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