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Myrtle Beach National

Myrtle Beach National has three courses - the South, West, and North. The "King's North Course" is designed by Arnold Palmer and was our favorite!

King's North by Arnold Palmer

This course has an enormous amount of water and sand hazards - very challenging but still retains a lot of fun. Some grass was dormant for the season but fairways and greens were well kept and green.

Number 6, called "The Gambler" has an island fairway you can bring in to play or play it safe up the right side of the hole in a fairway there. Of course, we all took the gamble. The boys landed it on the island. Ray and I both smashed it over and in the water.

Number 12 has in island green which I have been dying to play! Everyone hit the island, but mine hit the cart path and bounced in the water. On our way by, we stopped on the bridge to feed the turtles and catfish.

It was a stunning course to play, and we loved the added bonus of all the wildlife - turtles galore, turkeys, herons, fox squirrels and more. Supposedly gators and snakes lurk in the woods, but luckily we didn't have to chase a ball out that far today.

The South Course at Myrtle National

Raymond and Stuart played the South Course and really enjoyed it also. They reported that there was a fair amount of water but not near as much water or sand as the North Course. The fairways are much tighter with homes and large trees lining them.

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