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Panama City Beach - Florida

We hadn't really planned to make a stop at PCB during our time in Florida, but we were surprised how much fun we had here! The weather was a little cooler than the last few weeks, but the sun was shining. We loved our campground - Emerald Coast RV Resort - which had easy access to the beach and lots of fun activities around town. It was literally right next door to a zoo, so that was hard to pass up. (ZOO WORLD post coming soon!)

Pier Park is a fun shopping area in PCS with restaurants and activities right across from the beach. There's a sky wheel, site-seeing helicopters zooming overhead, and a huge pier too. It was definitely very touristy, but we really enjoyed picking up Smoothie King and walking around here. From the spring breakers to the waiters on stilts at Margaritaville soliciting customers, the people watching proved to be top-notch.

We're bordering on the edge of the notorious spring break mayhem in PCB. We witnessed a few rowdy groups and butt cheeks on the beach, but for the most part, things did not appear to be as usual or nearly as out of control as I'm sure it gets in a non-covid time.

The beach is really gorgeous! The water, the sand - ideal. A sight-seeing helicopter goes up and down the coast predictably on schedule, a plane flying advertising banners soars above the beach each day, and jets from the Air Force base close by zoom over head often as well. I was really surprised at the commercialization of the beach here. There are wood lounger beach chairs, trash cans everywhere, tons of sand volleyball courts, benches, jet ski rentals, and more. I can see why so much fun goes down on these sands.

CHECK OUT our Panama City Beach VIDEO HERE!

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