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Petrified Forest

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

After a long drive day through eastern New Mexico, we finally crossed over into Arizona. The Petrified Forest National Park is not far into AZ, and we made a small detour to take in this unique landscape.

We took the walking tour through some of the giant logs, and it is truly spectacular to get an up close perspective of the petrified trees. Some have the most beautiful colors and almost look like gemstones. We could even spot the rings of the trees in some of the larger petrified trunks. I couldn't believe the size and number of the specimens.

As we continued our tour, we could see the petrified pieces scattered across the landscape, but this park is so much more than just the stoned trees. It is also a stunning drive with phenomenal views of the blue mesas and painted desert. It was fascinating to watch the scenery change.

The Petrified Forest is located right off of 1-40, and is an easy 28 mile drive right through. You could spend anywhere from one hour to all day in the park, depending on how much hiking you wanted to do.

See the ARIZONA video on our VIDEO PAGE or click HERE!

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