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Port Lavaca - Texas

We were really excited to jump the state line into Texas! It's been so long since Raymond and I have visited our Texas roots, and we've been looking forward to showing the kids a little of the Lone Star State. We hopped down the Gulf Coast of TX, headed towards Port Aransas to have a camp meetup with my parents.

Our first stop was just below Houston, and we were all amazed at the amount of oil industry in the area. From there we stopped a little further West down the coast at Port Lavaca, Texas, and spent a few days at a newer KOA right on the water. It was a little cooler and windy but a beautiful rural setting. It was just a touch too cold to get out on the water on some epic-looking water toys, but the kids had a lot of fun playing shuffleboard and riding their bikes here.

One of the crowning glories of Texas are the dazzling sunsets. They were just as amazing as we'd remembered. It felt pretty satisfying to see that big sun sink over the sky bursting in brilliant red and oranges across the horizon.

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