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Raymond's Old Stomping Grounds

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Nocona, Texas

As a young boy, Raymond lived in Montana, but eventually moved to Texas when he was about four years old. His family lived on a farm just outside of Nocona for a few years. With beautiful rolling hills all around it, Nocona is the cutest little Texas country town. We were able to find the property where the farm was and re-live some of Raymond's memories of fishing, climbing trees and getting into mischief. We even stopped to chat with Raymond's old neighbor and also got to catch up with some of Raymond's cousins and an uncle that he had not seen since he was a little boy. It was very special!

Wheeler, Texas

Raymond's family moved to Wheeler, Texas, just after his mom passed away when he was 7-years-old. Wheeler is just about four hours northwest of Nocona, and the next stop on our family tour. We were so excited to visit Raymond's sister and her family. The kids were over the moon to get to play with their cousin. We had a great time hanging out and Raymond even caught up with several old high school friends. We made a special visit to see Raymond's dad and visit with him too.

While we were in the area, Raymond took us to play a round of golf at the course where he learned to play as a kid and played all through high school - Shamrock Country Club.


We even managed to squeeze in a little roadschool also!

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