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Revisiting One of Our Favorites - Indian Mound Fish Camp

A lot of friends have asked us if there were any places we would revisit after our first big loop around the country. The truth is there are several places we'd like to return to, and at the very top of our list is INDIAN MOUND FISH CAMP. Once again, booking last minute Florida RV reservations in March, we felt incredibly lucky to get into one of our favorite little campgrounds just south of New Smyrna Beach.

I wrote a whole post about this campground last year, which you can see HERE.

A quick recap: Nestled on a little peninsula on the Indian River, this campground is a small, no frills, secret gem. The fishing is phenomenal and the office is a live bait shop. Dolphins feed in the river off of the front fishing pier, and manatees and gators bob around in the warmer waters in the back canal lagoon. For me, watching the dolphins and manatees never gets old! Rent kayaks at the shop or bring your own to get out on the water to explore. If you have a bigger boat, you can use the boat slips on the docks at the campground as well.

One of the best parts of coming back here was seeing some friends that we made while staying last winter. Our hearts are full and glad to be back in the company of dear friends, and we have loved catching up with everyone! We got to join in on a fish cookout with campsite friends, feasting on grilled chinook salmon and croquettes, caught in Lake Ontario and prepared by our friends, Ed & Sandy. So delicious! The boys got to go out on the intercoastal shrimping with our friends, Doug & Janet, and had a great time learning the ropes. Doug & Janet also took us all out on their boat to fish the Indian River, and it was an absolute blast! In addition to amazing food and boat trips, our friends also provide the kids with endless supplies of fresh shrimp heads to use for bait. We feel so blessed and very spoiled here.

With so many creatures calling the Indian River intercoastal waterway home, this is also a fantastic place for road-schooling. We especially enjoyed animal observations, and we even caught a little crab to examine under the microscope.

Check out our video from Indian Mound Fish Camp HERE.

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