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SHARK fishing!

Bluewater Key RV Resort


We spotted a few little sharks out in the bay while we were kayaking, so we knew they were around. The boys decided to test their luck one night and go shark fishing for giggles off of our little dock. With their fishing poles suited up with steel leader and double hooked ballyhoo, we never really expected anything to come of it other than a valiant effort.


Not long after sundown, Stuart's line took off, and he jumped out of his seat to get to his pole. He did an awesome job working the line and drag to get the shark to our dock. It was thrashing and feisty, but Ray managed to get it onto our wet dock with the net to remove the hook set in its jaws. The boys quickly identified it as a lemon shark because of the dorsal fin placement, and it measured out at 4 feet long. With adrenaline still pumping, we got it back in the water and watched it effortlessly swim away.


After the shock of Stuart landing a shark, we all sat patiently with Sawyer's line still in the water. In less than half an hour, his line took off running as well. He was hot on his feet to grab the reel, but this big fish wasn't giving up easy. It spooled him, twice, and we nearly lost hope. With Raymond's help, Sawyer was able to slowly get line reeling back in. After nearly a forty-five minute battle, the shark tired enough that Sawyer finally got it all the way to our dock. I think we all let out a big sigh when he finally landed on the wet dock. The craziest part was that the shark was hooked in the front dorsal fin, rather than in the mouth, which explained the epic battle.

The shark and Sawyer were both wiped from their battle of attrition. It measured in at 52 inches, and Ray estimated around 45 pounds. We were able to get the hook removed, revive him back in the water and see him swim away successfully.

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