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Showcase of Citrus - ORLANDO

Showcase of Citrus was just down the road and a few minutes from Thousand Trails Orlando. We had also seen a little about it on videos from Less Junk > More Journey, so we decided to visit one afternoon.

Showcase of Citrus is a family owned and operated 2,500 acre property that farms over 50 varieties of citrus. There is an open air little market to buy drinks, treats and trinkets. There's also a playground and petting zoo. Food trucks are lined up near a pond outside (we tried Cuban food!) and quirky surprises (like stuffed alligators and vintage signs) are around every corner.


You can walk the orchard and pick your own fresh fruits. They have a map and lots of pointers for which are in season. There are also crates of freshly picked fruits in the country market if you'd rather pick some up there.

There's also the monster truck tour of the property, which is hard to pass up. These behemoth vehicles are 14 feet wide, 16 feet tall, and 40 feet long. We loved our tour through the property, which included learning about how the farm came to be, interesting facts about cultivating different citrus fruits, plus some cool insight into the flora and fauna. We had no idea the citrus farm was SO snakey (even rattlesnakes here,) and that cypress roots stick up out of the ground to help the trees breathe in swampy areas. Part of the property is also used as a functioning cattle ranch.

Check out our video from Showcase of Citrus & TTO on the video page HERE.

Read more about Showcase of Citrus HERE.

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