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Silver Lake Dunes - Michigan

We were not expecting at all to find this much sand in Michigan! It's amazing how many beautiful beaches adjoin the hardwood forests here.

We just happened upon a wonderful campsite near Silver Lake, Michigan. The little town is preparing for the coming winter, with most stores already shutting their doors for the season; however, the most incredible beaches and dunes surround this area.

The Silver Lake Dunes are made up of over 2,000 acres of sand playgrounds for dune buggies, dirt bikes, 4wheelers, and jeeps. We hiked up the dunes, had a blast (and a workout) climbing in the sand and watched the fun!

Not too far from the dunes, perched beside yet another breathtaking beach is the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Built in 1874, it is quite idyllic. Under its careful watch, we kicked off our shoes and played in the surf and sand.

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