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The PILGRIM Experience

We dove right in for the full Pilgrim experience in Plymouth, MA. Being direct descendants of two Mayflower passengers, John Alden & Priscilla Mullins, it was incredibly cool to connect with the Pilgrims' journey and life in the the new world.

The Plymouth Patuxet Museum features a fabulous living history experience. Stuart participated in Pilgrim Militia Training and fought in a mock battle. We peeked inside homes, talked with historical interpreters and imagined life in a new world.

The Cape Cod area really is gorgeous, and we also enjoyed the warm fall weather!

Check our our video from Plymouth HERE.

Plymouth Pilgrim & Patuxet Living History Museum

Pilgrim Grist Mill

Plymouth Rock

THE Plymouth Rock is not all that impressive in size, but it still felt profound to visit this monumental part of history. Oddly enough, we spent quite a bit of our time at Plymouth Rock watching a huge group of striped bass feed on an enormous school of bait fish. We could see them hitting the water, splashing and making a big ruckus.

Mayflower II

This full scale reproduction of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620 is a step back in time. We explored each deck and learned so much about what life might have been like on the long journey to the new world.

Boston / Cape Cod KOA

We stayed in Middleborough, MA, at the Boston/ Cape Cod KOA, and really enjoyed our campsite here. The reviews seemed to imply that this place gets a little rowdy in the summer, but it was quiet and not crowded at all for us. There are two sections to the campground - the main section near amenities (playground/laundry/showers) and the section referred to as "Highlands," in a more treed area of the campground. We stayed in a FHU back-in spot in the Highlands and loved it. It was an easy drive to Plymouth, about 15/20 minutes. Two thumbs up!

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