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TPC - Myrtle Beach

TPC (Tournament Players Club) courses are well known, and we were excited to visit TPC Myrtle Beach just before Christmas.

This course was Dustin Johnson's home course during college, and he currently runs the Dustin Johnson Golf School here. His college coach, Allen Terrell, is now the director of his golf school. This course also previously hosted the Senior PGA Tour Championship, won by Tom Watson.

We were amazed how they kept the entire course so beautiful and the greens in such good shape this time of year. That being said, it whipped us good! Well, it beat Ray and I pretty good, and the kids fared pretty great. This was a very challenging course with tight fairways, water in play on most holes, and hard-to-read greens.

We were proud of the kids for taking on the challenge. Even Harper got in some practice on the driving range and took on several holes!


Early in our round on number 2, Stuart went to find his drive and walked up on a huge alligator instead. Priceless! He yelled "Alligator!," then backed away slowly without losing eye contact. We enjoyed checking him out as he lay there basking in the sun, and he appeared to care less that we were playing through.

It was a beautiful day, and an absolutely beautiful golf course. The grass was as green as summertime (the day before Christmas Eve.) Despite getting our butts whipped, we had fun!

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