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Transitioning to Full Time RV Life

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The idea of living in a camper when we sold our house started out as a temporary plan - a fix to relieve the stress of finding a new home to buy or rent immediately upon moving out. The more time we put into thinking about the camper and researching options, the more we began to be drawn to the RV lifestyle. We were looking for some positive changes in our life, and RV life presented some opportunities that we were excited about:

  • More time together

  • Traveling

  • Homeschooling our kids on the road .... aka Roadschooling

  • Making amazing memories

  • More Sunshine!

It wasn't an easy choice to make or without its own challenges. Moving into an RV full-time meant putting most of our things in storage and living without many of the creature comforts of a traditional home. With the help of our wonderful sales person, Ryan @ Bretz RV in Billings, we found a rig that we hoped would be the perfect on-the-road home for our family.

We were able to bring the rig back and get it prepped for a few weeks before officially moving into it full time.

Our house finally SOLD in July of 2020.

We bid farewell to the beautiful mountain oasis that we cherished as home for so many years, piled into the truck, pulled away, and didn't look back - on to the next adventure!

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