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Traveling Golfers

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It's no secret - we are a golfing family! As we trek across the US this year, one of our main goals is to play golf all around the country. In Montana, we usually hang up our golf clubs for the many months of winter. We're hoping to keep swinging through all seasons this year by traveling where the weather is golf-friendly.

We are excited to challenge ourselves with new courses and allow the kids to experience many different golf settings. Hopefully this will help all of us improve our game, reach our goals, and keep us excited about golf all year long. Less stress, more golf!

Harvest Hosts is an RV membership network that allows you to stay for free overnight at any of their host locations. There are hosts all over the country - farms, orchards, wineries, museums, breweries, and more. Perfect for us - many golf courses around the country were just added to the list of hosts. We're hoping to take advantage of the many opportunities to park our rig right at the courses and get out to play!

The Harvest Host Classic membership is $79/year.

The Harvest Host + Golf membership is $119/year.

We were able to use a coupon and get our membership for even less, so watch out for a special if you're interested.

You can check out Harvest Hosts here:

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