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USS Silversides WWII Submarine

We all really enjoy historical sight seeing, but Sawyer especially is a World War II buff. Parked in the harbor of Muskegon, Michigan, is a true part of naval history - a retired World War II submarine. We braved the cold rain and sand swept streets of Muskegon to make our way to the USS Silversides Submarine Museum, and it was totally worth the detour.

The museum itself is put together really well, engaging and thorough. It covers a lot of history not only of World War II in general, but of the USS Silversides crew and service specifically. The Silversides served on active patrol from April 1942 - July 1945, and was credited with sinking 23 ships, the third most of any allied WWII sub.

The cherry of the museum is getting to tour through the Silversides first hand. The sheer size and layout is truly fascinating. Bunks are strategically stacked up the walls and next to each other with torpedos nestled around them. The mechanical systems that controlled the sub were at the heart of the vessel. The small hatch doors that connected each compartment were so small, requiring Raymond to carefully climb his tall frame through. Living on a sub would most certainly not be easy. Touring the submarine really made us appreciate the military personal who are willing to sacrifice and voluntarily put themselves into those kind of conditions to serve our country.

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