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Vermont Travel Day!

Our drive day across Vermont was one of my favorites in all of our RV travels! From the Lake George, NY, area we headed north along the east side of Lake Champlain towards Burlington, Vermont. This drive was stunning! The leaves are just starting to find their fall shades, and the rolling hillsides are picturesque.

After passing through beautiful Burlington, we turned east on Route 2. There are quaint little towns up and down this route, all full of charm. Not far down the road, we decided to make a stop at the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Waterbury. (Ben & Jerry's began in Burlington, Vermont.) It was a lovely stop, perched on a hillside of greenery, and they even had designated RV parking, which was fantastic. Being a Saturday, it was fairly busy, and factory tours were several hours out. We opted to just enjoy some scoops of fresh ice cream while we wandered through the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard on the hill where homage is paid to flavors of the past.

We'd planned to stay that evening at a campground just across the Vermont border in New Hampshire, so during our drive day I was on the lookout for somewhere to pickup real maple syrup from Vermont. We randomly pulled over at a Maple Farm with a gift shop that had ample room to park our rig. We ended up meeting the owner/farmer, getting a free tour, and hearing all about the history of and how maple syrup is made. They even let the kids pick some fresh eggs from their chicken coop for us to take. I love when things just happen spontaneously like this!

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