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White Mountains of New Hampshire

We stopped for just two nights just outside of Lancaster, New Hampshire, at Mountain Lake Camping Resort. We LOVED it! It's set in the trees and nestled right next to a serene mountain lake. It was so peaceful! The trees here are definitely starting to show off their fall colors. We enjoyed taking walks on the nature trail and even spotted bear scat and moose tracks. There are "Moose Crossing," signs all over the place, but we've yet to actually spot a moose. It does seem like the ideal moose country.

We rented paddle boats mid-afternoon and had a blast exploring around the lake and doing some fishing. The water was like glass. Fall colors danced across the surface among the lily pads. Stuart reeled in a little bass, officially landing the first fish of this trip!

My only regret about this place was that we couldn't stay longer!

See our video from Mountain Lake Camping Resort in NH HERE!

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