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Wildwood Golf & RV - Florida

After leaving Tampa, we headed toward the panhandle of Florida. We camped just outside of Tallahassee, near the town of Crawfordville. Raymond found a little campground with its own golf course, plus golf rounds are free for camp guests - BONUS!

A stocked pond was right behind our camper, between us and the golf course, and the putting green just off to the side of it. It was really nice to sit out in our chairs and be able to watch the kids fishing, putting and chipping, or BOTH at the same time. The boys got really good and setting a line in, propping it up, and practicing their putting between fish bites. All of the kids caught fish here. Each of them pulled out several blue gill and bass. I even managed to catch a pretty nice bass - skinning my knee in the process, diving after my rod after I set it down next to my chair only to have the bass strike and take off with it. Lots of fun!

The boys are consistently playing from the women's tees now, and Harper is teeing off from the women's tees on par 3's, the 100 yard marker on par 4's, and 150 yards on par 5's. At Wildwood, she made her first EAGLE! We were so proud of her. Check out our VIDEO HERE on the video page to see her shot!

Wildwood Golf

Wildwood Fishing

Tallahassee - FSU

We also took time to stop by some of my old stomping grounds at Florida State University. It was a lot of fun to revisit my old college dorm and walk around the campus again. It really is an impressive sight, with beautiful historic buildings and huge trees. It's amazing how much has changed and how much is still the same!

Wakulla Springs State Park

Not too far from our campground we explored Wakulla Springs State Park, home to the world's largest and deepest freshwater springs. We spotted two manatees in the water, turtles, alligator gar, and an alligator on shore sunning himself with his mouth wide open. There is a rustic Mediterranean style lodge and restaurant in the park, and swimming platforms out in the water. We still can't imagine swimming with the alligators, but to the Floridians it seems like no big deal!

Alligator Beach

There was a pretty little beach about 15 minutes away from our campground. It is an environmentally protected area, so the beach is a little more rugged and the water wasn't super clean looking. We still loved walking along the shore looking for shells. There are remains of horseshoe crabs all over the beach, and we found some big shells too.

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