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Zoo World @ Panama City Beach

ZOO WORLD was literally right next door to our campground in Panama City Beach, so it was pretty hard to pass up a visit. We are all animal lovers, so zoos entertain the whole family. This zoo is much smaller than most, but had lots of up-close and hands-on opportunities to keep us busy.

There are teeny little goats just wondering around, so cute! We also had the chance to feed the resident giraffe a few pieces of lettuce. I'm always amazed how long a giraffe's tongue is. A few ostriches and emus stretched their necks over the fence to eat out of our hands, too. Cool!

I LOVE sloths, and Raymond surprised me with the "sloth encounter." I was able to go into the sloth enclosure with the zookeeper to visit, feed, and pet the sloths. It was amazing! I was most surprised how soft their hair was, their little teeny ears hiding behind all of that hair, and their teeth - they look like they have a carnivore's canines but really they only eat veggies.

The kids really loved the alligator exhibit. There were so many gators, and they would snap in the water at each other. They are such strange and interesting creatures to watch.

There were several monkey exhibits, as well as lions and tigers. In the aviary, the kids were able to feed them with bird seed on little sticks.

Check out our ZOO WORLD VIDEO HERE to see all of our animal encounters!

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