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Carolina Pines RV Resort - Myrtle Beach

When we found a great deal at an awesome RV resort, we decided to stay in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the month of December. We wanted to get a chance to play some of the 90+ golf courses in Myrtle Beach and just slow down a bit and enjoy the Christmas season.

There are campgrounds and then there's this place - Carolina Pines RV Resort is truly a resort. With the discounted monthly rate, we're paying less than half of the regular rate for full hookups with a concrete patio and included access to all of the amenities - indoor and outdoor heated pools, mini golf, sport courts, gym, yoga studio, arcade, bowling, restaurant + bar, general store and more. (There's also a waterpark, but it is closed for COVID.)

I also really love that we can ride our bikes everywhere!

The weather here in December ranges from 50's - 70's during the day, which is perfect for outdoor fun. On cooler days, we need sweaters, but on warmer days we are really loving the pool!

On cooler days, we have fun in the indoor pool, and we're usually the only ones there.

The grass is dormant for winter but we still enjoy the huge "yard" by our site. We've used it to play football, play with the dogs, and practice our chipping. Campfires around the fire pit are a lot of fun too.

If you're ever in the area, we highly recommend this place! They have RV sites and cottages. Check it out HERE.

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