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Christmas at Disney's Campground

Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground is one of our favorites, and we've always heard of the epic Christmas decorations that campers put out for the holidays. We were blown away getting to see it for ourselves. Campers really do go all out with decorations. Everything from inflatables and wreaths, to lights and Christmas trees, the campers here were definitely filled with the Christmas spirit.

We loved riding our bikes through the loops to see all of the decorations, and they got even better at night when everything lit up! People were so generous and kind, leaving goodies for children in stockings hanging out in front of campsites. Everyone greeted you with, "Merry Christmas!" when you passed them on the street.

We love riding the Disney ferry boats to visit the other resorts, and this experience was even better with holiday decorations to see.

The Grand Floridan had a glorious tree in the middle of the lobby, adorned with Victoria era toys and trinkets. There was also a life size gingerbread house, made of real gingerbread cookies, which also served as a bakery where they sold - you guessed it - gingerbread!

The Polynesian had a smaller tree, but it was beautifully decorated with pineapples, seashells and Hawaiian flowers.

Our favorite tree was in the Wilderness Lodge Resort. Not only did it stand incredibly tall, but it sparkled with lights and glowing teepees.

On Christmas Eve there was a golf cart parade, and it was a lot of fun to see how other campers had decked out their carts for the holidays.

It turns out that Disney is not only a magical place to visit, but also quite jolly as well!

You can have a phenomenal Christmas experience here without spending any additional money to go into the parks. Enjoy free entertainment (crafts, scavenger hunts, parade, campfire, movie and fireworks every night.. all for free) Plus, cook your own food, sleep in your own bed, and still experience the magic of Disney at Christmas!

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